First ever Beyond Bath talk – 1st May

The first ever Beyond Bath talk is happening on Wednesday 1 May at 4/5 Chapel Row, Bath. This free-to-attend event is aimed at sharing powerful and insightful stories about migration and those it affects.

This is the first in what will be a series of events designed to raise awareness of the realities beyond our borders, through authentic and inspiring stories of migrants, refugees, activists and change-makers working towards a more inclusive society.

Don’t miss this opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals, share motivations, and build community. Let’s embark on a journey together to reimagine the narrative of migration

Our panellists are:

  • Andrea Dos Anjos, Beyond Bath lead for Bath Welcomes Refugees (BWR)
  • Mir Abdullah Miri, an educational researcher and supported by BWR since he arrived in Bath
  • Alexandra Chapman, chair of trustees of Ethiopiaid UK, an organisation that raises funds for local Ethiopian charities to transform lives and achieve lasting change
  • And a BWR member who will talk about the invaluable work the charity does.

Secure your spot now and be part of this impactful conversation