Bath Welcomes Refugees (BWR) has one simple aim: to bring to safety and security in the UK those people persecuted and in danger in their own countries and homelands, and in particular to help them settle in Bath or the surrounding area, should that be where their journey ends. BWR purports to be a-political and a-religious so that this one simple aim stays forever at the front of  BWR’s efforts whatever else may be happening globally, nationally or locally.
BWR is run by volunteers and aligns its operation with the goals of Refugees Welcome and supports those campaigns initiated to improve the circumstances of refugees. It also seeks to support and assist all agencies involved in settling refugees locally through practical hands-on involvement, befriending, fundraising, and campaigning where necessary.

While the refugee situation is constantly changing BWR strives to keep up with current developments and provide some insight into opportunities to volunteer or help beyond the bounds of its own activities. BWR communicates with many other organisations locally and nationally as we have a firm belief that pooling resources and working together is most effective.

BWR is a young organisation but one that is growing daily; a reflection of the goodwill that exists in Bath and the surrounding area.  Please join us if you are looking for a way to help in the current crisis and beyond.