A personal account of becoming a refugee

One of the people we support, Mr Mir Abdullah, has produced two podcasts which he would like to share. One is about the death of his cousin while trying to escape and the other is about his own journey. They are very powerful and moving personal accounts which demonstrate the desperation of people seeking safety and the dangers and difficulties they face along the way

Migration is a difficult decision. Many uncertainties await the traveller. The journey becomes even harder when you start from a war-torn country like Afghanistan, at a moment when power is shifting, when many people are terrified and running for the exits.

Becoming a refugee doesn’t get easier every time you are displaced. Like our parents before us, we’ve had to start from scratch. The past year has been filled with the logistics of survival: Where would we live? How would we provide for ourselves and our families? How would we get our stranded relatives to safety, reunite our families, and create new lives in languages we didn’t speak?