Thank you to our volunteers

Volunteer Week is our opportunity to thank you for all that you do to support refugees and those displaced from their home country by reason of war, persecution, oppression, discrimination, or natural disaster. You demonstrate that there are people ready to help. It is a gift beyond price.

Since we began in 2015, Bath Welcomes Refugees has supported over 800 people from Syria, Afghanistan, Ukraine, and now Hong Kong and a number of other places. It involves 243 active volunteers like you who provide English language support across four centres in Bath and North East Somerset, resettlement help for the refugee families we support directly with everything from medical appointments to driving tests or routes to employment, or social events so that the different groups can meet and share their stories and feel less isolated.

What you all do is much appreciated whether you’re a teacher, a resettlement volunteer, a gardener, or decorator or team leader. It does not go unnoticed by those you work with. As one refugee put it: 

“Our teachers have big hearts and patience to spend a lot of hours with us and our children.” While another wrote: “The dedication of the team and the welcoming atmosphere they create have truly made a profound impact on my journey towards integration. Thank you for being a lifeline and for making us feel valued and supported every step of the way.”

So, thank you, on behalf of the Trustee Board and the Management Committee (all volunteers, too!), we are so grateful for your support.

With warmest wishes and thanks,

Stephen Whittle

Chair of the Board of Trustees

Volunteer week