Charlotte MacDiarmid steps down from trustee board

Charlotte MacDiarmid stepped down from the trustee board and her role as chair at the end of March. Charlotte joined BWR as a trustee in late 2019 and we thank her for the huge part she has played in those four years.

She had this message for BWR colleagues: “I have loved being part of such a wonderful and dynamic local charity. Its been quite a journey and I’m proud of what we’ve been able to achieve together. Its been a pleasure to work alongside such a dedicated and compassionate bunch of people – you are all amazing! I’m constantly inspired at the lengths BWR volunteers and staff go to to make sure refugees and asylum seekers in Bath feel welcome, feel supported, and have a chance at a better life here. Its a very positive antidote to the sometimes toxic discourse at national level.”

“I’m confident I’m leaving the trustee board in a good place. In the past year we have recruited new trustees who bring new experience, skills and expertise to the board.

“I wish BWR every success going forward and I will continue to support from the sidelines. Together we can all continue to make Bath and the surrounding area a warm and welcoming place for those who have been forced to flee their homelands.”