Bob Clift steps down as trustee

Bob Clift has stepped down as a Bath Welcomes Refugees trustee. The charity would like to thank Bob for the huge part he has played.

Bob, who is moving to Devon, shared these lovely words with us:

“Since the very first day I joined BWR, nearly five years ago, I’ve been surrounded by compassionate, supportive and determined colleagues all of whom I hold in the highest regard. I genuinely do feel privileged to have been a small part of such a wonderful, progressive and caring charity. I joined knowing very little about supporting refugees but you helped me by willingly sharing your knowledge and wisdom with me. I’ve seen the workload of BWR grow significantly due to the terrible situations which have occurred over the last few years but it’s been heartwarming to see everyone selflessly step up to the challenge to provide the support which is so desperately needed in so many ways.

“Thank you for the support and friendship you have given me and of course for your invaluable contribution to BWR. I leave BWR with a sad heart but confident you will continue its great and necessary work.”